Owner of Tiger Found in Abandoned Houston House Charged

Authorities in Houston filed charges against a woman who owned a tiger that was found in a dirty cage in an abandoned house, it was reported Thursday.

Brittany Garza, 24, was arrested for a misdemeanor related to an animal that is not earned, police said. She was released after paying a $100 bail.

Her lawyer, Jay Cohen, declined to comment on Thursday.

Since it was discovered in February by people who entered the house to smoke marijuana, the animal is under the care of the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch in Murchison.

In April, a judge ruled that the sanctuary, located 70 miles southeast of Dallas, could keep the tiger and that Garza must pay almost $12,000 for the care of the animal.

The shelter conducts an online survey to name the cat. The options are Ezekiel, George, Loki or Navi.

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