Jony Ive’s to leave Apple

famous Apple designer, Jony Ive, will leave the company this year to set up his firm, which will likely count the apple brand among its main customers, Apple announced this week.

Jony is a unique figure in the world of design, with his role in the revival of Applec, from the revolutionary iMac in 1998 to the iPhone in 2007 or the new headquarters of the group in California, said Tim Cook.

Apple will continue to benefit from Jony’s talents by working directly with him on exclusive projects, Cook said in a statement.

Ive is the one who knew how to put into motion the requirements from the imagination of the mythical founder Steve Jobs, by designing the iMac which has marked the beginning of the rebirth of the group before other successful products, such as the iPhone.

For many, Mr. Ive – who has become one of the most famous industrial designers in the world over time – is the architect of the success of Apple products, known for their clean, sleek, minimalist design.

His departure as an employee of the group coincides with a historic moment for Apple, who wants to bet now more services.

Apple said Thursday that the design team leaders will now report to Jeff Williams,

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