Data theft at Desjardins: TransUnion will complete the Equifax offer

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In the wake of the theft of some personal data from 2.9 million individual and corporate members, Desjardins decided to turn to TransUnion to supplement the protections provided by Equifax. To date, the co-operative has mailed more than 60% of the members affected by the leak.

In an interview with Dual Dove, Marc-Brian Chamberland, Vice President of Corporate Communications at Desjardins, acknowledged that the method required to register with Equifax, in order to avail himself of the financial identity monitoring service offered in the stride of the flight, had caused significant delays.

There are indeed periods of unavailability of the website of the firm, as well as long waits on the phone, the final stages of setting up a customer account at Equifax requiring to discuss live with an attendant.

It improves; we are working on the situation , Chamberland said.

Since [Wednesday] morning, the process is streamlined, it should limit the pressure on Equifax’s telephone services, he added.

In addition to Equifax, Desjardins is currently in negotiations with TransUnion to provide additional protection. According to Chamberland, Equifax protects in “70% of cases”. TransUnion would take care of the rest.

No need, however, to go to the TransUnion site immediately to try to register, says the vice president of corporate communications at Desjardins.

Restore trust

In addition, work continues to inform all members affected by this theft of data. 61% of those targeted by the leak received a letter in recent days. Marc-Brian Chamberland estimates that this operation will be completed by mid-July.

What has been the impact of this case on consumer satisfaction? We do not have a follow-up yet; we have 50% more calls than usual. Most members are reassured when guided , Chamberland said.

Like his big boss, the Vice President of Corporate Communications recognizes that this is not a situation we would have liked .

To cope with the volume of calls, the institution recalled some of its employees’ vacations and reassigned others, but did not hire any additional staff. These changes have increased the capacity of call centers by 50%, says a spokesman.

The police investigation is taking place in this case. The Laval Police Service is teaming up with the Sûreté du Québec on this issue, and Desjardins is still working with the authorities.

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