Apple moves Mac Pro production from Texas to China

Technology giant Apple Inc. is moving the production of its new Mac Pro compute to China, reports The Wall Street Journal. The measure comes amid pressure from the Tump Administration for technology companies to manufacture their products in the North American country.

The US company have hired Taiwanese company Quanta Computer Inc. to produce the new device at a factory near Shanghai, according to the newspaper.

“Apple has great confidence that the US and China can resolve their trade dispute and may do so in the near future,” said financial analyst Tom Forte, regarding the US government’s threats to impose new taxes for almost all imports from China.

Key market

China has been an important production center for Apple devices and a key market for the company. “Manufacturing in China remains a lower cost alternative and benefits from an existing infrastructure, rather than having to rebuild one in the US,” the analyst said.

“The final assembly is only part of the manufacturing process,” an Apple spokesman said, explaining that all of its products – including the new Mac Pro – have been designed in California, and its components are manufactured in several countries, including the US. UU

The decision to move production to China comes after Apple ran into problems with the US-based Mac production plan in Texas.

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